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Money not a motivator for Altona’s Koroma

Amadu Koroma has made the switch from South Melbourne to Altona Magic but the reasons may not be what you think.

When the right full-back left South Melbourne at the end of the 2016 season, he had plenty of other NPL clubs on notice and had the opportunity to remain in Victoria’s top flight. Instead he chose Altona Magic as his next destination.

“I would say I made the move more for my mates,” Koroma told MFootball about his decision to leave the NPL champions.

“I must say I already feel at home because I know about six boys from the Altona team, who are my mates and who I’ve played with in the past, so I’m comfortable with my friends.

“I could have gone to any other club in the NPL. People probably look at me and say why is he moving so low. People think it’s because of money and all that but they don’t know the reality until they ask me why.”

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The former Melbourne Knights, St Albans and Port Melbourne wing-back insists that financial reward is not a deciding factor for him.

“It was never the case about money, it was more of a case about pleasure,” the Sierra Leone-born defender said as to why he joined Magic.

“So it was just stepping away from the top leagues, just to concentrate on my football which is the most important thing to me than anything else.

“I’ve never actually played for money.”

During Koroma’s time at South Melbourne, he was involved in 24 games [in all competitions] however, he knew playing at such a high club was never going to be a long-term deal.

“I was quite happy with that, because coming into a winning premiership team and having the same squad for about four years, it was always going to be tough,” he explained.

“But looking long term, I was never going to be a second string player. I’ve got pretty high standards of myself, I always got to be playing.”

“I want to be playing with a bit more freedom and just stepping away from the big leagues and help Altona’s ambitions.”

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The 25-year-old is looking forward to his new season with his new club and in particular working under coach Goran Lozanovski.

“I’m looking forward to working with Goran,” Koroma said.

“We should obviously aim to win every single game and from that comes titles. It’s all about the journey, so that’s from day one. Win every single game that comes to us.

“I’ve never had a major injury, I look after myself very professionally. So that’s one of the things just to try and play every single game next year.”

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