Statement regarding National Youth League videos

MFootball will no longer be allowed to provide Foxtel National Youth League (NYL) video highlights packages following communication from Football Federation Australia (FFA).

The FFA have informed MFootball that having these highlights packages on is “a breach of your terms of accreditation” and failure to remove all NYL highlights videos would result in the cancellation of the website’s media accreditation.

MFootball apologises for filming the games without the proper consent of Football Federation Australia. The website’s intentions are always to promote the game, especially at NYL level.


  1. Heaven forbid any actual film content of the NYL is actually made available anywhere, to anyone… Any chance of gaining the proper permissions?

  2. What a complete joke, so FFA do not want people promoting the game. FFA and FW here in Perth same same.

  3. FFA is a joke. Mfootball is trying to promote the NYL which is soo much more than what you can say you’ve done. You’re a bunch of dogs wearing suits.

  4. What a fantastic job Mfootball has done promoting the NYL, the FFA should leave well alone unless they are prepared to replicate or televise these games.

  5. FFA, as the franchisee reserves the right to package its product to customers. Remember, these aren’t real clubs that are responsible to their members, they are franchises, like branches of KFC, controlled by the franchisee and our relationship to the franchisers is one of being customers of product, NOT FANS. This is one of the fundamental flaws in the FFA model.

    Keep up the good work MFootball, FFA have got it wrong (again)

    • Spot on!! Sad thing is they think they are doing a good job. Where are we now eight seasons, two teams gone to the wall and half a dozen more being held together with FFA funding which is dragging money out of grass roots football where it is really needed.

      • Ironically the only franchise that has never received a cent of support from FFA is the one in the biggest trouble – Heart

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